Don Yearin Attorney Scottsdale: What You Need to Know about Medical Liens

As a personal injury attorney, Don Yearin Attorney Scottsdale is an expert in personal injury and medical malpractice cases and related issues.

A medical lien is a demand for repayment of money paid for medical bills. When you have a personal injury accident and seek medical care, if Medicare or AHCCCS pays for your medical expenses, they will have a lien on your personal injury settlement for the amount paid on your behalf.  An experienced attorney like Don Yearin Attorney Scottsdale is often able to negotiate with AHCCCS or Medicare and reduce the amount of the medical lien.

Don Yearin Attorney Scottsdale

Your health insurance company may also attempt to make a claim or lien to be repaid for any medical expenses paid on your behalf when you were injured by another person. This process is known as subrogation. The extent of the process depends on your health insurance policy and varies from one insurance company to another.

Don Yearin is able to defeat many private health insurer liens as there are cases in Arizona that prevent private health insurers from placing a “lien” on your recovery.

Don Yearin Attorney Scottsdale

In Arizona, any medical lien placed by a hospital, doctor, or other healthcare provider is only a lien against the liability settlement. A medical lien in Arizona cannot be recorded against any other personal property of the injured party.

Medical liens also typically do not apply to wrongful death cases in which the surviving spouse or children get a settlement. The subject of medical liens can be complicated, which is why you should contact an experienced attorney like Don Yearin of Scottsdale, (480) 502-0708, for a free consultation.

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Don Yearin, attorney, and his law firm, the Yearin Law Group, have a long history of success in Scottsdale helping people obtian large recoveries in a personal injury cases.
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